Tune in Together

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Hoy me encuentro prisionero, lento el tiempo

Atrapado aun en barrotes de acero

Claro que eh llorado a veces, no lo niego

Por mas fuerte me doblan los sentimientos

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El Hijo Del 7 (En Vivo)

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Teresa Sánchez
This song is like a dose of good vibes, the music gets you in the mood instantly. Super recommended for any time of the day!
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Ana de Azevedo
The versatility of this song is striking; it can be the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed afternoon at home or the soundtrack to an epic night out with friends #elhijodel7.
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Raul Calimam
This song takes me back to those party nights with friends, laughing non-stop. It's like reliving those unforgettable moments.
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