Tune in Together

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O que você precisa é ser forte

E nessa luta eu estou contigo contigo

Mesmo pensando que você está longe

Não perca a esperança

Não perca a esperança

Espere, confie em mim

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There is not something in this life that cannot be achieved You just need to go get
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This is the kind of praise that makes possible our renewal of strength to endure and fight in everyday life. #everythingbut #love
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"You are stronger than you think," know that you are strong, that you may even think that no but yes, you are strong, fight for what you want you to achieve.
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A balm!
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Camila 👑
what peace🙌🙏❤️
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My sister is having breast surgery tomorrow to get cancer I know God is in control and everything will be fine...amem
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I'm also going through the biggest fight of my life, my family, it's about to end, I keep praying a lot, and praise has given me a certain peace.
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oIt was because of this song that I didn't give up, I was in need of a signal and it was this song that gave me a signal so I wouldn't give up.
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this song hugs me your scorching words take me, as if the sky itself entered me, my fuel of the day, my sadness in the way?!
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you are stronger than you think, never think of geometry because Jesus is clean water to quench his thirst and just ask him for gallows!
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I'm a former call girl, I gave myself to Jesus a year ago in May, at the moment I'm in the midst of so many problems, marriage by a thread, accounts everything behind schedule. Husband throws in my face even a bullet he buys, and me with a 6-month-old BB. I am completely homeless.
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the weight of the law goes out by the sacrifice of the lamb, was not abolished, gave us the right to stumble into the law and bend our knees and asked for forgiveness, but not to deny the old doctrine, let us restore the honor that is ELOHIM and worthy.
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It was exactly this kind of message that I was needing to hear, sometimes we get lost and we don't know what to do but the important thing is to have faith that things will change and believe that what ours becomes #fe
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and God spoke to me hj twice, through the pastor, when he told me who loves everything supports it, in his preaching about love. and when I got home in the middle of a fight, I went to pray in the bathroom and God spoke to me through this praise, I just opened the app, didn't even press the play.
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In a moment of anguish and pain, praying to God asking what to do, he played this song, as a refreshment and response from the Father.
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today I poured myself out listening to this praise, passing through a certain desert in my life. trusting in the word of God that says; converts desert lakes and dry land, springs. I certainly felt a renewing in my soul.
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in the moment of anguish and waiting for a reply this song made me have the strength to wait in Christ, we need to learn to trust, we need to learn to wait and God!
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I was depressed. this music came into my life through the Lord Jesus. hj i am recovered. wonderful praise
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I love this praise, ours and how we have to be strong because we are seeing the signs is what I am asking you to strengthen me and wait because there is so much nut to have maturity and experience.
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I am very grateful to God, I found the way again. ,🙌👏 I am very grateful to God. and the mentors he has been using on earth. just gratitude...
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