Tune in Together

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Meu melhor amigo

E eu posso o chamar

A qualquer hora que

Sei que me atenderá

Ah ah ah

Sei que me atenderá

Ah ah ah

E se acaso eu tropeçar

Sei me segurará

Se cansar os meus pés

Um colo me dará

Ah ah ah

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Seu Amor

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What did you think of the instrumentalization of "Seu Amor" by LUDI, Isaias Saad? Did any specific lyrics catch your attention? If you don't know it yet, it's worth giving it a chance and discovering this amazing song! #Discovering
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Man, I was listening to this song and I started dancing alone Then my mom came and I thought she was going to kick me, but she got into the Loucura dance!
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Wentony Grippa
died just for loving
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nice music
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Anonymous User
yet proved your love died for me to love
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Rômulo Guess
glory god
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is this song perfect amen?
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this song and the most beautiful thing..... Jennifer agent will still sing this song together her beautiful.
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Solange Santos
My best friend and I can call him anytime I know he'll pick me up ah ❤️😭
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Solange Santos
Hallelujah Jesus loves you!❤️
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Wonderful music. But not even your parents should call you "you."
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glory to god
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I believe in Jesus, if you believe comment there!
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