Tune in Together

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Roses i walked in the corner with the body screaming dolo

Never sold a bag but look like pablo in a photo

This gon' make 'em feel the way like tony killed manolo

You already know though you already know though

I walk in the corner with the money on my finger

She might get it popping i might wife her for the winter

I already know already know ni**a roses

All i need is roses

Turn up baby turn up when i turn it on

You know how i get too lit when i turn it on

Can't handle my behavior when i turn it on

Too fast never ask if the life don't last

Done been through it all

F**k with a n**a raw this who you wanna be

And i know you won't tell nobody no

And i know you won't tell nobody no


I might pull up flexing on these ni**as like aerobics

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wonderful! The footprint is incredible and the lyrics convey a very good vibe Whenever I listen, I feel super excited and happy!
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a stroke! Hits the soul and doesn't want to stop listening!
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