Tune in Together

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E como é que pode

Num frasco pequeno

Ter tanto perfume

Um metro e sessenta

Zero paciência

E um montão de ciúme

Ela é delicada

Só que ao mesmo tempo

É tipo avalanche

Um dia ela vai de salada

No outro ela pede três lanches

E é você

Que em toda briga é dona da verdade

Que nunca assume que morre de saudade

Tamanho agora é documento

Quanto menor

Maior o sentimento

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Pedro Padilha representing all the little girls present here. I love this song. #pedropadilhasertanejo
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So who said I slept alone? 🤔😂 where are the little ones free around here?
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I'm 1.75 and I'm not even short but the boy is 2.10 kkk I swear... then for the first time I'm short hahahah loving 😍
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My God they described my whole sister kkk 1.60 of pure bravery kkkk
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Pedro and Lais were the best couple in internet history, and this song was the confirmation of this fairy tale that was their love. I just want to be as lucky as them and hope that my little one is really mine... even if it's just a little bit. ♥️
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1.60 is short? i am a dwarf so i have 1.45 😍
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Well I 1.52 of that little way kkkk
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They sent me once I loved him more today he has changed so much I miss that time I was so happy so take advantage of the time he won't come back
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very beautiful looks like me ❤ princess🥰
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this song worked for my wife
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Anonymous User
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Danúbia Aparecida
this song has everything to do with me #love
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Rubens Amaral
Top ❤️❤️❤️
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Kelly Alves 01/05 🎂🎉🎉
I found the music that matched me 🤭☺️☺️ follow there no tik tok and Facebook @kellysilvaalves6
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I 1.54 he calls me that, I found my song 😅😅...described me kkkk
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