Tune in Together

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Em meio a dor

O conheci

Sarou as feridas do meu ser

Do meu senhor eu recebi

Unção pra lutar e vencer

Eu estou seguindo

Aquele que curou entre a multidão

Aquele que já fez a multiplicação

Aquele que andou sobre o mar

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Mestre (Ao Vivo)

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This praise has touched me too much in recent days! God still speaks! We have to learn to hear the Voice of the Lord in the small details! Glory to God!
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33. I warned you about these events so that you may have peace in me. In this world you will suffer tribulations; but have faith and courage! I won the world." (John, 16) peace of the Lord Jesus
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Hearing this sound I was quite moved, and I renewed my vows with God! when a song turns into a prayer you can see the strength of faith #amem
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Edson Santos
i am following jesus ❤he loves us even knowing our faults
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Joilson duetos
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oh glorified and exalted the name of the Lord we are saved and overcome by the blood of Jesus, on the cross was consummated once saved we will always be eternally saved
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pray for me my brothers, for my family, my wedding, we are going through so many trials, but I trust in my God, He can and will help and care for us, hallelujahs
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when you want to give up everything. and hear such praise. I cry in my soul. God" heals me all my wounds. Emotional structure.😭
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Mestre" by #JairoBonfim features instrumentation with piano and strings, as well as electronic elements. The lyrics talk about trusting God in the midst of life's difficulties. The melody is soft and emotional, matching the message of the song. #al #Review
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the more God will comfort this pain because only he can because he is our comforter, I know it's hard, the more God can all things
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Jairo has one of the greatest voices in Brazilian gospel music, his songs always help me with devotional skills.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs do you recommend for those who enjoy the sound of Jairo Bonfim? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Jairo Bonfim is a Brazilian gospel singer and composer who started singing in churches at age 14. He is also multi-instrumentista and plays guitar, keyboard and saxophone. #Curiosity
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all honor and glory be given to Him, the immortal, unyielding but Real God, for ever and ever He is the Great El-Shadday the God Elohim
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every time I hear this praise I feel my heart touched by Jesus...thank you, Jairo Bonfim, for bringing the love of Jesus to us in the form of music.
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Andrea Viana
beautiful praise
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Andrea Viana
and too beautiful 👏❤️
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luciana Rodrigues
I love this praise, it is a hymn of exaltation to God.. 🙌
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Francisco Pinho
top 🔝
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my master
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