Tune in Together

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Tô aqui na sua frente meio bagunçado

Cheguei com o volume do som topado

Lembrei do rolê domingo passado

Aí 'cê lembra bem nada é impossível

Tudo é invisível pra quem só olha pra si

Não é bem assim é coisa de outro nível

Eu me acho incrível quando

Cê olha pra mim oh e gosto assim

Tá pra nascer um maloqueiro disposto a

Soltar o dedo só por causa dela

Aí eu penso o tempo inteiro

E até bate o desespero

O que sou eu sem ela

Eu danço com a nossa fumaça

Me abraça no conversível segura minha mão

Até o radar tirou uma foto e se nós

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Amor e Fé

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I really like this song when I listen I feel like I'm going somewhere else without problems and worries living on love and faith because that's all we need. #
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when I'm stressed at work and I need to concentrate on answering emails and solving problems, I listen to silence, my mind relaxes and work flows 🥰
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For you brother, I know you liked it here on earth and every time I hear it here on earth, it will be for you to hear from heaven! worth Vinicius brother.
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Mensagens Religiosas
top esse music
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Cristiam Oliveira781
that life would be, word and letter, real life !
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It really rockes all the songs, this "love and faith" has a super hot vibe and the way he sings about love ends my emotional #HoroscopoPop
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I love this song because it is now part of my life Because right on my wedding day my husband sang this song for me and it was a very special 😘👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 And now I just thank you because I have a wonderful person by my side 😍
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my boyfriend sang this music for me and I literally fell in love with the music and much more with him...
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this song is wonderful, a great vibe, everything matching, sound, lyrics, instruments, everything perfect, I love it so much, you never miss it 😍
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I have a personal theory: Rihanna was at a party and found a Brazilian fan, who said "I love you, Rihanna!," and took it from her! Then she kind of didn't understand why she likes mine and wants to be with her, but he doesn't love each other. And Rihanna understands the pain of the girl! It will be?
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Today we fuck, watch the sun rise, do what we want... Nois invents another roll, the way of living only with love and faith.
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perfect musical synchrony, duplicity of intelligent lyrics, dance right, heart beats very moved, and eyes close, and astral travel is dreaming... let's play another role, .... living in love is faith.
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Acoustic music always gives a footprint, and it seems like the audio fits everything, the guy is awesome! #hungria
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At the beginning there are violins and harmonica, the first time I heard a harmonica sound, it was from my grandfather. Instrumental emphasis on a song talking about social reality.
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TikTok Music Brasil
#HungriaHipHop presents an acoustic version of the song Amor e Fé, with keyboard, guitar and crate instrumentation, and lyrics that talk about the importance of faith and love in people's lives. The melody is striking and engaging. #alReview
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hip Hop is one of the most popular and successful artists in Brazilian rap today, with several certified singles such as gold and platinum in the country. #Curiosity
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in love with this song! marks my first special moment with my boyfriend, I already heard and liked it a lot The whole context of the song but it said that it was the subject of a special moment... then fucked 🥰😍
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this MSC is the kind of MSC that suits you to listen on a aimless road away from the chaos of big cities, with the wind breeze beating and a company to share the energy of the melody ❣️🎶
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In love with this song and this little beat, she remembers the young man. Greetings!
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a song that relaxes, a song that marks, I love to listen, in fact, tuft that speaks of faith, regardless of the point of view it becomes striking... love is faith together.. ❤
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