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Deus conhece a minha história

Sabe tudo o que eu passei

Sabe a marca que ficou em mim

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Cicatrizes - Live MK 10 MI

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every time i hear this praise i cry because only god knew i passed. jesus was the remedy that made me live.. i forgot everything that happened a thousand reasons for me to worship god today glory to god.
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All people go through trials that are theirs and only those who will know everything are God and we must have faith and believe that he will always be there for us despite everything #faith #love
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Bruna Karla is my favorite singer, and this song is perfect. She has such a strong, beautiful voice and puts so much feeling in all the songs she sings!
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Jose roberto luciano Luciano
the joy that God gives us when we hear this praise
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each hymn touches my soul deeply! may the Lord always bless you with his voice and may you be able to rescue many souls for Jesus. ❤
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"It was when Jesus touched my life" when Jesus appeared in my life everything improved and I took a turn in life
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Me playing play on this song and my mom showing up out of nowhere dancing like crazy, I almost died of shame Just laughing
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jaqueline_mendonca_'s avatar
this letter is very beautiful this praise I remember when I was arrested you rescued me... of pain and suffering all he gave me back my family.
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Amem 🙏♥️♥️😍
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eita glory
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Bruna does not sing the Holy Spirit, we feel how great it is to feel the Spirit santo.Am.!!!
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This praise has everything to do with my story, the letters have to do with what I went through in my life! Thank you my praised God be the LORD glory to God thank you Jesus 🙏🏼❤️
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beautiful praise he speaks a lot of my story
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Neomar de Souza Sant
amen only victory
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Sheila Laje
beautiful praise
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Sandra Coelho82
beautiful this hymn 🙏🏾❤️
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missionaria Dani
I love this praise
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Leide Léo Farpela
Beautiful Praise I will win I have faith🙏
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thank you my god for winning another fight 🙏
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