Tune in Together

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Jó, como pode ainda adorar

Se não tem motivos pra cantar

Abandona esse Deus e morre

Mas não o adoro pelo que ele faz

Nem menos por bens materiais

Eu o adoro pelo que ele é

Eu sou dele, tudo é dele

Jó, você não tem motivos

Perdeu os seus bens, seus filhos, seus amigos

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Another one from Midian! There's not one where she doesn't surpass herself in talent and voice! It's very gifted to one person!
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this praise speaks to me, sometimes I get sad, but god sends angels to lift you up, be it an uncle or aunt or even a shepherd or even whoever it is to give that word, glory to God for people like that
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Everything is possible if we have faith, my mother always said this. I thank God for all the love. #midianlima
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cda beautiful and beautiful praise
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Raquel Souza de j152
Beautiful praised Amém 💖❤️💞
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Raquel Souza de j152
I love you Father, ❤️
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Raquel Souza de j152
Jesus Christ is present in our life
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Jesus Christ is present in our life
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I love you Father, ❤️
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glaukaferreira Maria
Beautiful praised Amém 💖❤️💞
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Juliet Delgado
I thank God for so much love for taking care of me when anxiety crisis appeared I thought I was going to die and that was where he glorified himself in my life and healed my soul and still continues to work in my life he deserves all the glory forever blessed Be the name of the Lord
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