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He revisado el pasado de lo mal que me he portado

He sido cabrón, ni se diga vago

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Cabrón y Vago

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TikTok Music Latin
🎙️ What did you think of the live version of "Cabrón y Vago" performed by El Fantasma and Los Dos Carnales? Do you think the instrumentation is? #Discovery
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Surely someone with a good heart leaves the translation in Portuguese my heart would be happy, the music is beautiful I just don't know the translation.
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Hugo Alvarado
This rolita is very cool, to have a blast with friends in the car or in the perreo, the chorus sticks in your head all day long, dog.🤘🏼🎶🔥
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Jose Miguel Leon
This song is pure fire. The beats make you dance and the lyrics make you sing with all the rampage, you bastard and lazy, they are geniuses!
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