Tune in Together

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Não mudo, não tem jeito

Não ser romântico é esse o meu defeito

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É Bom Lembrar

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is Good Remembering makes me travel through memories of the good times of my life. The quality of the music is incredible and Edson's voice with Lemon With Honey is a perfect combination. The lyrics are full of feelings and make me reflect on the importance of remembering the good times. The rhythm is contagious
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Guys, Remember Lemon With Honey, is so cool! The lyrics are very beautiful and delicate, and the vocalist's voice gives a chill in the spine. The immersive rhythm makes me dance non-stop and I feel super excited.A proof that forró is a style that will always be at the top. I loved it too much!
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of the time! I love the style of Lemon with Honey and Edson sent it very well in this partnership. It's good to remember that the roots of our forró are still alive and pulsating strongly. This song makes me smile, dance and miss the. Love and culture in the form of music is what I value the most!
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this song transports me to another world! The dance is insane, the verses are pure flow and the chorus is too sticky! It's the soundtrack of my life!
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too top, I've already put it in my favorites!
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