Tune in Together

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Hoje quando eu acordei

Olhei pra mim e perguntei

Aonde foi que eu me perdi?

Sozinha eu saí da casa dele

Acho que briguei com ele

Lembro que foi bem assim

Depois que brigamos fui embora

Decidi naquela hora

Tomar uma pra esquecer

Coração apaixonado, mas bandido

Encontrou outro perdido e era lindo de morrer

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A Solidão É uma Ressaca

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What a wonderful song, Marília Mendonça, what a wonderful voice she had, eit what a great modão, all the music was good in her voice, the three together rocked!
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Eit Marília Mendonça will never be forgotten, her voice is unique, the only queen of suffering, she can come several more, you Marília will be the only one in our hearts!
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I was listening to this and I ended up sleeping and woke up here to this song
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Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraisa released the song "A Solidão É una Ressaca," with an instrumentation that includes guitar, guitar and drums. The lyrics are about the suffering that comes with and the melody is emotional and full of feeling. #EmotionalReview
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Marília Mendonça is a country music singer who has gained prominence in recent years with her powerful compositions and performances. #Curiosity
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What are your favorite songs by Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraisa? #Discovering
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does anyone else hear the bosses and think they wanted to be friends with them? seriously msm, they seem to be a lot of fun. the kind that makes jokes even with the misfortunes that happen.
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Sonia Nogueira🥰
Jujuh🧜🏽‍♀️🐼🇪🇪's avatar
I love this song, both with Patroas, qto with Bruno and Marrone! ♥💔🍻
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Today I'm totally pregnant!! Greetings from my queen
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Hold the heart!
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Reginaldo Viana
Very top
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Aryane Santos
It will miss you😭😭😭😭 'm not believing the first one that appeared when I opened 😭😭
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Jean Matos
eternally in our koraçao
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