Tune in Together

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Mesmo que me perguntassem

Eu não afirmaria, eu fingiria

Eu negaria até à morte, eu negaria até o fim

Quando você chega perto, eu me desconcerto

Sem fazer esforço, tira minha roupa com os olhos

Me deixa tonta com seus olhos

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Quero Você do Jeito Que Quiser

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Ile liked them a lot but unfortunately Marília Mendonça had a plane crash, when I heard the news I almosted from crying 😭😭😭
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a wonderful woman who acted is in a place where she will not have understood, she fulfilled the role as a singing daughter she is a great mother! it's hard to deal with that is! but we have to be strong because she wouldn't like to see us sad, it's not really rest in my queen
rodrigommmartins's avatar
Just because you didn't win is there reason to say you weren't worth it? None of that! Losing is an opportunity to grow, to be better, to better plan the next battles.
FelipeCosta_1984's avatar
although it didn't work out, this will be one of the most beautiful memories of my life. their difference was identical to mine
meunomeehvini's avatar
For me love is not common as everyone says, for me love is rare, where it is born it dies.
fernandinhamachado's avatar
Today we lost one of the greatest and best artists Brazil has ever had. Rest in peace, and may God comfort the hearts of family and friends. 😭
luuucasoliveira's avatar
Love, something that simply cannot be explained, only feels that it is loving. For it is the pain of the beloved's lack that we discover his or her existence.
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maiara,maraisa and marilha Mendonça, they were very blessed! until marilha Mendonça had to leave her life there and go to heaven. always bless and yield to these wonderful singers👌🙏🙏🙏👌❤❤❤❤❤
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_julianaSilva_S's avatar
it's unbearable to hear her sing, 😭😭😭 so perfect in everything! put that my god I will never get over this loss the pain is increasing more and more but, 😭😭😭
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this was one of the best projects i've ever heard in sertanejo, marília is unique !! i think we will never have an equal in sertanejo #saudades #luto
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I defined what the man I love is that way...even in secret I feel like his wife even if distance hinders us
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I don't believe! my beautiful! her songs are part of my life, moments of great self-knowledge. I wish so much to have gone to your show! but I never had time! sorry! Thank you for being part of my life! 🥰
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I open the and sing this music by Marília like crazy. It reminds me a lot of my last relationship! What a trigger!
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The song "Quero Tú do Jeito Que Quiser" presents an instrumentation that mixes elements of sertanejo and pop, with emphasis on electric guitar and drums. The lyrics talk about accepting any condition to have your loved one by your side, and the melody has a strong chorus, with the participation of the voices of Marília Mendonça and Maiara & Maraisa. #Reviewal
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Marília Mendonça meets Maiara and Maraísa has no way to go wrong
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What songs would you recommend to those who like Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraisa? #Discovering
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Marília Mendonça is one of the most successful singers in the Argentine sertanejo, but she is also known for her sharp writing and talent for composing songs that are true life stories. #Curiosity
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Oh I can't with this music, music with passion, a beautiful message and still in the voice of these women I can't #patroas
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🌹 What music 🌹
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