Tune in Together

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A noite passa devagar

Estou aqui deitado só

No tic tac do relógio

Me aqueço com o seu lençol

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Hoje à Noite

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when the anthem is good it is never forgotten ..good music is like that decades and decades go by and it never ceases to be heard black panties i miss our little bee
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These lyrics are absurdly good, the music is perfect. Whenever I listen and I always get goosebumps that they have an absurd voice #perfectiontemnome
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Did you know that this song is a cover of the song Alone by the hard rock band Heart? I thought it turned out really good #BlackPants
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striking is music
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Jesiane Tavares
I've suffered a lot from this song 🎷😔
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I was so distracted listening to this that I missed my bus stop! It was funny to see the guys' faces when I had to get off at the next stop
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There are no letters like that these days... These letters make us go back and forget how many good people we let escape, because we are not open to something serious and who knows the full happiness we would have today we left behind...
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TikTok Music Brasil
#CalcinhaPreta is an electronic forró band, founded in 1996 in the city of Aracaju. Vocalist Bell Oliver is the only original member of Panties Black that still remains in the band today. #Curiosity
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HINO! e tem gente que ainda não sabe onde é o nordeste no mapa 🤡
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TikTok Music Brasil
A música "Hoje à Noite" do #CalcinhaPreta foi produzida com um arranjo musical baseado em ritmos como o forró e o axé. Sua melodia é animada e possui um refrão marcante, enquanto a letra fala sobre um amor passageiro, típico de uma noite de festa. #ReviewMusical
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TikTok Music Brasil
Quais são suas sugestões de músicas parecidas com Calcinha Preta? #DescobrindoMúsica
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songs that had lyrics and no singing artist repeated, unlike today, new music cannot come out, singers invented it anyway...
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linda demais ❤️
💫♌🄴🄻🄻🄴🄼 ♌💫's avatar
💫♌🄴🄻🄻🄴🄼 ♌💫
amo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Luciano oficial 13
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Eliane Dos Santos silva
todas top
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Thalia Oliveira
amo e amo🤌🏼
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Fernando Silva
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Andreia Pereira
muito linda essa música top demais 🥰🥰🥰
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2026 Bolsonaro
lembrando quando tava no exército💂💂💂 2000
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