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In the day

In the night

Say it right

Say it all

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Say It Right

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Ainhoa Mercado
"The lyrics of this song have a very powerful message about equality and human rights, which is something valuable to always remember."
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Raúl Ruíz
The lyrics in this song always make me think of the things I am grateful for in my life, like family, friends, and the blessings I have received.
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Derick Correia
I like how the artist has managed to create a piece of music that conveys so many complex emotions and feelings.
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niceee 😍✌🏻
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bro, of the hour! there's no way not to get infected by the captivating rhythm and superintelligent lyrics that talk about love and life. I'm addicted to this dance that makes me want to dance all day and I feel super happy when I listen, like an extra dose of energy in my vein. without a doubt, this is one of the best
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, my ear appreciates it! The music is amazing, it has such a great vibe, it makes me want to press the replay several times. I loved how the melody fits perfectly with the lyrics, making everything harmonious and engaging. It's one of those songs that sticks in your head all day long.
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Luan Brunelli
I like how the lyrics make me reflect on past experiences and relationships and self-love.
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bruh, Ive been going through it lately but R&B Unlimiteds vibe on Say It Right lifts me up
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nostalgia hits me hard when I hear Say It Right, reminds me of summertime and good vibes with my crew
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Dang, Say It Right got me feeling like I could start my own girl group. R&B Unlimited out here making dreams come true 😂🎤🎶 #VocalsOnPoint
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my god, fuck it! the dance is super engaging and the lyrics have phrases that stick to your head, impossible not to sing along. I always feel excited when I listen, it's like an energy boost. definitely one of my favorites!
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I aint even into R&B like that but Say It Right is straight up fire, cant stop listening
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TikTok Music Latin
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of the instrumentalization in R&B Unlimited's "Say It Right"? And do you have specific lyrics that catch your attention? Share your opinion with us! #Discovering
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track so smoove it melted my butter
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Got swag, you ain't basic
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🍊 是六一002
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🍊 是六一002
mi la sang
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