Tune in Together

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Morei um tempo no fundo do poço

Só deus sabe do meu sufoco

O que eu penei pra te esquecer

Achei que tava ate ficando louco

Não fiz besteira foi por pouco

Me reinventei sem você

Só que apaixonado não pensa

Amar por dois é doença

É sofrer dobrado desgosto ao quadrado

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Saudade Sua

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when we end a difficult relationship sometimes it happens that we end up at the back of the post and to get up is very difficult so you need help from your friends who support and respect you.#love
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It was from this song by Gustavo Lima that I had the courage to try to win back an old love. Love and longing spoke much louder than pride #musica
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We also miss your Gustavo Lima. Going to his show is the most exciting thing there is. #gustavolima
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Coming back here to hear for the 14th time 😍😍💥💣😻😻😻😻best part" had so much time to look for me, it's my turn to ignore you, do you know what you see with this Sdds of yours??? Well, it doesn't even go on
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the song "Saudade Sua" by #GusttavoLima? What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song? Share your opinion in the comments! #Discovering
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Bro, I was listening to this until my cat decided to climb into my lap for a walk. Result: I have a scratch on my arm so far 😹
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I love d+++++
🛡️Miguel  o Arcanjo🛡️'s avatar
🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
"I admit I'm a dreamer. And from that I have no trace of shame. Because I believe that more people exist. And each in his own way; Scolded, cornered, prevented from telling the truth. To dream (and one day, who knows, be able to realize it) a better life with someone special."💞💞
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Only in love don't think Loving for two is disease It's suffering bent, disgust squared It doesn't pay off...
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best ambassador ever 😍
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this fell apart Gusttavin..come on in that 🥰🥰 'm crazy in that Solo
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Gusttavo Lima you sing too well ❤️
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Rosimeire de Santana
nice music
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It hurts when the agent is almost over and the person comes back out of nowhere😩
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Alexsandra Lima da F
My birthday idol, I'm your number 1 fan my love.
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People can have great times with amazing people in the most amazing places, but nobody rules their hearts, and it makes sure at the most propitious time to remind you who you wanted to be with.
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Had so much time to regret And just now that I forgot you Here comes with this chat I miss you Nor continues Had so much time to look for me It's my turn to ignore you Do you know what you do with do you miss him? Nor continues...💔
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