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Unas palabras

Que ya no puedo soportar

Aquí en el alma

Se que es difícil

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Acepta Mi Error

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TikTok Music Latin
How do you like "Accept My Error (Remastered)" by Los Temerarios? Do you think the remastering improves the quality of the song? And if you already have it on your playlist, at what time of day do you like to listen to it? #LosTemerarios #Discovery
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Rosa Aguilar Alvarado 🌹
beautiful 🌹 song ♥️ it just brings back a lot of sad memories. 😭
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Armando Mayorquin
Very good version
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Ana Sophia de Oliveira
I like the vibe of accept my mistake (remastered), it makes me feel good and the lyrics are real. 👍🎶
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