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I know you'll get stronger

When you get older

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Hear Me Now (Acoustic)

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lvtolisten🎧's avatar
I can't help but feel all the feels when listening to that stripped-down version of that one song by that Brazilian dude. You know which one. 😉
Ana_Luiza_Santos's avatar
this msc reminds me of good memories, from when I was very little, where I filled the world, with a lightness, a look so pure, and so good, times with my parents, good times, with landscapes and wonderful memories that I already lived , I don't know why, but it makes me feel good
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Derick Correia's avatar
Derick Correia
I love the lyrics of this song, it's so poetic and evocative.
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mj MJ9662's avatar
mj MJ9662
amei 😍😍😍😍😍
liaisadora755's avatar
perfect 👏👏
kerrie❤️‍🔥's avatar
Who needs coffee when you've got Hear Me Now to give you goosebumps and energy? Zeeba's voice is a shot of adrenaline to my ears! #musiclove
Pérola de Moura's avatar
Pérola de Moura
This song has a retro sound that makes me feel nostalgic, it's like I'm in another era #HearMeNow.
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ThiagoFerreira.98's avatar
kkkkk I just put that one on my earphone coming back from school, mommy kept trying to find out why her daughter came home crying kkk I called so many times in high school Kkkk sdds mommy
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AlexLima_94's avatar
Mn, this song brings back good memories. I listened to her when I was a baby. She is my favorite song. She gave me a past perfeito.eu stayed in the clouds and the sun listening to her. I did things by listening to her. She made me want to live.
DanielFernandes2004's avatar
this song reminds me of when i was 5 or 4 years old when my father and i used to listen to gnt and i used to listen to this song the day in teiro kk and even hj i remember mn i was singing yesterday very bommm
Max baby's avatar
Max baby
Yo can we just take a moment to appreciate how effortlessly Alok and Bruno Martini's music can turn a mundane day into a poppin' party vibe?! #goodvibesonly
LuluanaCosta's avatar
I love this song, it has such a good dance to listen to and with the it was really cool.
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Julia Owens's avatar
Julia Owens
I've been loopin' the acoustic version of that track with the guy from Brazil all day. Straight up in the feels, and can't stop singing along! #eargasm #Zeeba
GabrielLima1991's avatar
I love this song very much, it reminds me of when I was 11 years old at vdd almost 12, and I was with Gastrite... I know it sounds crazy but it was funny, in addition to being sick I still had to learn to deal with my mother who stressed me out... but it was only a phase
Mariana_Oliveira's avatar
The acoustic version was really cool, it managed to convey all the feelings of sadness that I felt when listening to this song, which by the way is very beautiful, sometimes it makes you want to cry listening to it
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AmandaNunesSilva's avatar
This song brings a sense of peace and joy...but at the same time it reminds me of sad moments and brings a strange sense of comfort. .but I love this song...she reminds me of my dog who died and I am very happy to remember the happy moments ❤️=)
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TikTok Music Latin
What did you think of the acoustic version of Zeeba's "Hear Me Now"? Do you think the instrumentation gave the song a different touch? Tell us your impressions in the comments and join the #Discovery.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hey, have you heard the acoustic version of Zeeba's "Hear Me Now"? What is your opinion about the instrumentation and subtle arrangements of the song? Which part of the lyrics do you like the most? Leave it in the comments with a musical emoji and participate in #DecobrindoMúsica!
meunomeehvini's avatar
I remember when I was very little, I played ball every day, my friends always by my side, mine and my father always proud of me, but today everyone is with me, even for now I am just a happy child.
ThiagoCarvalho_'s avatar
I thought this acoustic version was really cool, but I still prefer the original because I think it has more emotion and is more contagious than this #review version
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