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E todo mundo, tá desconfiando

Que a gente se encontra em segredo

Só porque eu tô te encarando

Só porque você fica sem jeito

Se alguém perguntar

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in this our parents have never been so at risk from so many lost lives and only one sound like that to make takes our minds out of time
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My brother really likes Ze Vaqueiro's songs, he's playing here at home all the time, even I'm liking his songs more now #zévaqueiro #family
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I'm a big fan of Zé Vaqueiro, he is the most played in my city and young Brazilian singing. to make but but but success. he yes broke for good
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The song Confidencial (#ZéVaqueiro) is classified as electronic forró and lasts 2 minutes and 21 seconds. The lyrics talk about a secret relationship and the melody has an immersive and dancing rhythm. Instrumentation includes guitar, keyboard and percussion. #Reviewal
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Zé Vaqueiro is a Brazilian singer and composer, known for his style of electronic forró music. He started singing at the age of 17 and his songs have as their main themes life in the countryside, love and passion. #Curiosity
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The song "Confidencial" was released in 2020. The lyrics are about a person who wants to keep their relationship a secret. The instrumentation of the song is based on a traditional rhythm from northeastern Brazil called "forró." The melody is simple but captivating, with strong beats and an easy-to-sing chorus along with it. #Reviewal
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Which artists or bands would you recommend for those who like Zé Vaqueiro's style? #Discovering
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Zé Vaqueiro didn't learn to play musical instruments with formal lessons, he developed his skills on his own, playing and training on his own. #Curiosity
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What other current forró songs could you recommend me to listen to after Zé Vaqueiro? 😎🎶 #Discovering
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Danilo Oliveira
this is Tooop ❤️
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mj MJ9662
top music 😍😍😍
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no confidential anonymity 👍
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Thiago Ferreira
beautiful music 👏❤️
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Is that the one in the photo Zé cowboy?
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Danyzinha ❤️
Cute #
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I like it very much
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Francisco De Assis D
leave it in confidential and come bb
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tania Rodrigues
leaves confidential stays with. migo beautiful d more
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top too
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