Tune in Together

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Olha o piseiro do zé

Pra apaixonar os corações

Não sei mas acho que te amei em outra vida

Te olhei e algo lá no fundo me dizia

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Menino Bobo

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Zé is pumping too much, slc. I accompany him there's a mole and I only see him growing up. He's going to stick to a festival with Xand that will be top notch.
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Zé Vaqueiro sings so well that sometimes I doubt it's true. I never liked this musical genre, but when Zé Vaqueiro is singing I really like it.
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This one I started listening in the middle of for what? Every day a suffering with this lover
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This guy runs too well. I've known more about his trap for a few weeks now and I thought he was very talented. #top
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of the lyrics to Zé Vaqueiro's "Menino Bobo"? #Discovering
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This boy deserves the world, he overflows with and charisma and a lot of talent!! God bless. for he has many little stars that are a well of futility and arrogance; this one is rare.
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This one came to make a difference!!! The others forgive me but the man is sensational in every way!!! Voice, throat, stage presence, rhythm, everything. I've become a fan since the first song I heard! The man has a honey in his voice!👊💜
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And the silly boy fell in love. Story of my life kkkk sad, but who ever?
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chink plans for both of us
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the top of galaxies the best🙌🏻❤😎
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Leonardo Santos
Top 😝😝😝
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