Tune in Together

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Minha trajetória é marcada por conquistas

Minha arma foi a fé

Minha esperança

É regada por lembranças

Que o tempo não levou

Mas parece que um furacão

Me alcançou

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theme of my 1st encounter with God, where he worked in my life, hears renewal and transformation was tremendous I love my God. It was TREMEMBER God of the Universe #gratitude always
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which "God of Secret" lyrics stood out to you the most? And in terms of instrumentation, what did you think of the mix of sounds? Share your opinion about this incredible song by Ministry Sarando a Terra Ferida in the comments with #DescobrindoMúsica 🎵.
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this song marked a very difficult period in my life! thank God for every choice of people inspired with the right music for every moment
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my sadness is marked by pain fights humiliation. You take moments of improvement from the pain and struggle and anguish that invades the soul. my soul is sick and has never been cured. even today I am waiting for the to catch up with me and take all the pains and struggles with it.
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praises like this have the power to bring God closer and to make us remain in him. I'm always so excited about these beautiful songs !! #God
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I won't trade my god for anything he sustains me from the strength and energy to go on without him we are nothing #gratitude
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Wonderful God, thank you so much for never leaving us alone.
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Luana Almeida
I remember until today when I went through a but difficult time. And I only knew how to hear that praise
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Maria Isabel Agente
God only knows the moment I spent and prayed listening to this praise and how much it built me up
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Érica Percinoto 💞
This praise touches the depths of the soul... I love you JESUS🙏🙏💕
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this song goes inside me in such a way that it feels like something inside me groans with a thirst for God God...
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