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Cuatro letras tiene el cartel de donde soy

Grupo Élite para el combate

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El Doble R

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Zoe de Magalhães's avatar
Zoe de Magalhães
I like how this song has a very progressive and experimental sound, it's a very interesting song #ElDobleR.
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Benjamín Fuentes
This song is really cool, I love the way it moves your skeleton. The lyrics are also very good, I have recommended them to several friends. 🤘
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "El Doble R" by Los Alegres Del Barranco was included in the soundtrack of the popular U.S. television series "Narcos," which significantly increased its popularity among international audiences. #Fact
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Diego Juarez
What a great time
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Victor Santiago
I was very excited !
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Xavier Valenzuela
I like it but it's not my thing
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Juan Francisco Trejo
I love how the music is energetic and vibrant.
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Eduardo Guerrero
I love this topic, he reprDuces himself again.
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Vitor Battaglia
Tasty rhythm, but soulless lyrics
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Francisco Lopez
I love the energy that this song transmits, it's so uplifting.
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Ramon Velazquez
The lyrics and music are perfect together
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Cristian Chavez
has always been here and I didn't know it?
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albert Zuñiga
What a nice little rolita, it gets me in the mood!
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TikTok Music Latin
What other norteña or corridos music artists do you like besides Los Alegres Del Barranco? #Discovery
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TikTok Music Latin
The song #ElDobleR by #LosAlegresDelBarranco features an instrumentation that includes guitar, tololoche, drum and accordion. The lyrics speak of a drug trafficker and his luxurious lifestyle. The melody is fast and catchy, with elements of regional Mexican music. #Review
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Eugenio Pérez
The last song of the double r is very cool, it has a lot of flow and the beat is catchy, I like how they mix different styles of music in one song.
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