Tune in Together

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I live inside my own world of make believe

Kids screaming in their cradles profanities

I see the world through eyes covered in pink and bleach

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I feel like I'm in a battle, with two blades, fighting troops and troops of soldiers, every dance I feel like it's swords meeting.
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When I listen to this song, or any other similar song, I imagine myself being a villain. Making people "pay" for some things.
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That's our difference we put on the phone and travel in our world without bothering anyone, unlike people who put everything to listen to kkkk without a phone
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I think Amado Batista is such an underrated singer...he made such good, romantic songs, with a well-produced instrumental part...suffering and arrocha people should do some feat with him, record some covers...
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That's an anthem for me, I love this beat and this vibe of this song. It's an immense joy when she starts playing, really good! #cradles
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this was the first sub urban song i heard!! she has a special corner in my heart. It's no wonder I can sing it even though it's in English....but there are some parts that I don't know 😅
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I love this song, it was the first one I heard from Sub Urban, I found out why it became a trend in T1kT0k and I went researching it. Now I listen when I want to be quiet because the melody gives me a feeling of "Bad guy" more or less like when VC n ta well, I listen to this song
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This song is perfect, it looks so peaceful but it's kind of dark, I like it a lot, the singer's voice is so smooth and wonderful
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this song is good, but when i hear it i don't know what happens cmg, it seems that it destroys me inside mn...it's like some weakness like the primary sounds which is Venom's weakness or kryptonite which is superman's
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I don't really like this musical style, but I confess that this song awakened something in me. I really liked it and it reminded me of the Verdades Secretas vibe.
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I need some reason to us in my heart💖 is that you can do that with me for song very hard and best Hart song and ghost 🎵 to good 👍
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my mom cant find this song and she remembered the tube little finally she got it . This is a amazing song I love it
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This song make me think of my childhood This song is simple superb and tunes op! 'It 's hard to breath but it alright ,hush
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This is me, who has always been hated, all women feel that I am their man, why am I wrong, I am just born beautiful and make a lot of men's eyes always stare at me.#TTM
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it's hard to breathe but that's alright.. Hush... jab mere pas thi vo tab meri khas thi vo 🎶🙌 listen this remix many times on reels!!
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"risk those who held my screams and watched me cry" that seems little but more than you imagine.....this song gives an incredible vibe......an inexplicable vibe...congratulations #cradles
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I feel like I’m watching American horror story. This song never gets old, and I never get bored listening to it.
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that creeping instrumentals are the Best, whenever i listen it give me goosebumps and when he says hush
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this song feels unhuman and not existing i don't know but jusy another kind of feeling like the mixture of positivity and negativity...this songs deserve so much...
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People with no mask in real life While there is Corona Cradles : It's hard to breathe but that's alright... "cought"
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