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Palabra de hombre

Esta vez voy aguantar

Lo que tenga que pasar

Y me hará bien la soledad

Voy a dar vuelta a la hoja

Sacaré lo que me estorba

De mi mente las historias

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Palabra de Hombre

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Emilio Sandoval's avatar
Emilio Sandoval
The lyrics are super sticky!
Matheus Alvarenga's avatar
Matheus Alvarenga
I love that rhythm, it gives me goosebumps.
Victor Manuel Espinosa's avatar
Victor Manuel Espinosa
I really like the rhythm
Enzo Barone's avatar
Enzo Barone
It's good but not my style
Ícaro Campos's avatar
Ícaro Campos
The voice of this singer touches my soul, What a great song!
Josué Camargo's avatar
Josué Camargo
has a very peaceful and serene vibe
Francisco Bravo's avatar
Francisco Bravo
It makes me feel like I can conquer the world!
Domingo Rangel's avatar
Domingo Rangel
I was pleasantly surprised #quesecansedellamar
Yago Candido's avatar
Yago Candido
It's a perfect song for a sunny day
Vitor Battaglia's avatar
Vitor Battaglia
I would listen to this any day on my playlist
Concepcion Marin's avatar
Concepcion Marin
This rolita with the word of man is very cool, I got the lyrics and the rhythm, I love this ranchero style with a modern touch! 👌🎵🤠
PatyConUnaT's avatar
🔥🔥🔥🔥 rolon
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