Tune in Together

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Arrocha, vem

Ai, que vontade de ficar com você

Em uma palavra só queria dizer

Eu te amo, te amo, te amo

Quero falar olhando no seu olhar

Ai que saudade que está Queimando

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"When night comes, there's that despair" I'm like this at the moment, I just wonder who she should be with tonight hahaha #love
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Impressive how Walkyria Santos sings better and better, you can see how much she focuses on her mission to get better and better. I'm very impressed #FoconaMission
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This song is too good to listen to at a family party. Surely with this joy that Maraial has in her voice it would infect everyone and go dancing ❤️ #dance #curtir
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is Edu & Maraial's song you like the most? Could you recommend me similar songs? #Discovering
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☆♡♡ Mari⚠️
good morning 🇧🇷💕💘💚🥰🥰😘🤩🤩😛💟💟💟
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