Tune in Together

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Se apareció en mi ventana

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Paloma Ajena

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Levi Assunção
The emotional and personal lyrics of this song immerse you in an authentic story. It connects you with your own emotions and experiences, making you feel identified
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Erick Brito
His voice in this song is so powerful it takes your breath away. Every note is full of strength and feeling, resonating inside you and awakening intense emotions that accompany you long after the song is over.
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Angel Mendoza
I love the way he uses various sound layers to weave a hypnotic and magical atmosphere. This song immerses you in a parallel dimension, where mystery and intrigue dance on every note.
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...? 👻's avatar
...? 👻
the best music I've ever heard 😻
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Isabelly de Almeida
Feeling 100%
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Chloe de Miranda
the melody is hypnotic!
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Victor Manuel Espinosa
This song has such a vibrant energy that it's impossible not to feel animated. It gives you that extra boost you need to move forward #PalomaAjena.
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Gloria Guerra
Another galaxy I am
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Ivan Herrera
so sticky the rock
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Soff Navarro
The lyrics are like a story that transports me to another world.
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Julio Mejia
good vibes
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Pedro Lucas Calliman
the best choice, without a doubt
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Laura Casagrande
Total attention, addict
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Sebastián Flores
fresh and captivating sound that surprises you!
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Augusto Bernadini
This song has introspective and reflective lyrics that invite you to question your life decisions and choices, making you feel conscious and reflective.
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