Tune in Together

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Se eu fecho os olhos e minha mente desenha você

Tapo os ouvidos, mas consigo escutar sua voz

Só de pensar que nunca mais eu vou te ver

Dói, dói, dói

Que mundo é esse tão cruel que a gente vive?

A covardia superando a pureza

O inimigo usa forças que oprimem

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Espera Eu Chegar

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_thaisdosSantos's avatar
I sang this song to my best friend after I found out I was going to change schools. A week later I found out I won't be changing schools
GiovannaRibeiro89's avatar
he. he was young to leave, just as marília mendonça had a perfect career ahead of her. more god wanted to take him
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MariaSilva84's avatar
This one is too sad, "Just closing my eyes my mind draws you" So many people come to mind that from the will to cry😭😭😭
José Carlos de souza's avatar
José Carlos de souza
This song brings back memories of friends who were broken in the world..
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Mariely de Paula
this music makes me cry so much that I get sick afterwards
aaandre.lima's avatar
sdds from my teacher who I always said she was boring and such, but I like her a lot vey... she helps me a lot at school... she said that next year she would see nuts in the other room and see how the agent grew and matured...
MarcosP.95's avatar
there's no way to listen to that sound and not be excited, remembering the homies who once went with God because of something wrong, rest in peace !! #funk #emotion
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vinicius.pereira's avatar
the police definitely use forces that oppress crime. Bandit has no purity. God protect our warriors and may God choose the place of this element, since it departed from this life. this song is masked in for crime
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rafael.santanaSP's avatar
Whenever I listen to this music it makes me think, the time we will last. I wanted that if I got anything, I would ask to get those thoughts out of me and that I didn't feel when I died.
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AndersonR's avatar
WHAT A WORLD IS THIS CRUEL WHERE PEOPLE LIVE. COVARDIA OVERCOMING PURE. This phrase represents everything they are doing cm a gnt in the pandemic
Diego_Alvarez's avatar
This song was sung in honor of the nine young people who died at the Parais ball. Sad right guys?
Fernando_Martins_fm's avatar
This song makes me cry a lot makes me think of my uncle What is this world so cruel that the GN lives cowardice overcoming purity the enemy Isa forces that oppress.😢❤
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Laura.Ferreira's avatar
MC Kevin sdds...I wasn't really her fan but knowing you're not here but it hurts... his death still has much to be discovered
luizaoliveiraaa1996's avatar
This music was released just as a brother of mine left... for a long time I was listening to this music while remembering him and all the moments we live in....
mateusousa's avatar
my grandfather died too... I also couldn't say goodbye to the man who took care of me for more than 11 years, I went to his funeral, it was in the same house we lived in, in the same place where he sat every day...
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love when you can after she dies just. asking my mother only early at 15 years old .hj I miss her too much . she had growing heart disease
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I came to remember this one after I found out that Abel was new msc last year...this marked my childhood! good thing she released mscs again!
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every time i listen to this song i cry because i've already lost one of the people that made me the happiest
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leamdrovilela's avatar
I remember my great grandfather
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