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Já pensou se eu tivesse parado

Desistido no meio do caminho

Quando a chuva escorria na telha

E a mesa mais farta era a do vizinho

Quantas vezes me senti sozinho

Incapaz de olhar pro espelho

Mas capaz de exercer minha fé

E expressar minha dor chorando de joelho

Lembro do sonho das audi, da fumaceira no breu

Da playboyzada e dos opala, e as queima de pneu

Vi quatro amigo meu ir pro crime de otário

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Um Pedido

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andre_talles's avatar
already thought if he had stopped and fell in the middle of the road he goes straight ahead and runs after the. god dreams above all and all
gabriela.ferreira's avatar
as much as it seems obvious, never give up what you want to do, go ahead. many will even say that you won't get bad if you have naked plans. god will happen
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this song comes chilling, tells a story of struggle and conquest, overcoming, motivation, wonderful 👏👏
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A Song that will never be forgetable, I remember the times we played Happy is not Wise! ❤🎶#hungria #Hiphop #Melodia
camidesouza_'s avatar
this makes us reflect on everything we want to do and what we've already done 🙌 my star will still fulfill my request ❤️
Luiza_Pereira.L's avatar
Here on my balcony is a glass of kkk coffee every morning and your music every day to feed the soul to keep fighting not to let dreams die... one day i reconquer...despite everything an hour I will get up.
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boyish girl, don't give up on your dream because today it is difficult... go ahead that one day it will be you who will be at the top, success for us tmj !!
MarianaLopes_81's avatar
Man, I was listening to this song and out of nowhere my dog starts barking desperately I found out he hates rock. 🤘🐶
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Those who have been with us since the beginning are the best! This letter represents that very well. "It doesn't matter if my mother has already cried if her smile is so beautiful." What amazing lyrics! #lesson
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It is really very incredible to see how manages to represent well the reality of those who came from the province of São Paulo... #Hungary #umped
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hip Hop has more than 5 million monthly listeners in 2023, becoming one of the most listened artists in Brazil. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
Ever heard Filipe Ret's songs? He has a style similar to Hip Hop. #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
#HungriaHipHop is a Brazilian rap artist who released the song "Um Pedido" in 2020. The lyrics talk about love and regret. The melody is based on a sample from an old Brazilian hit and features slow, smooth beats. Instrumentation includes piano, strings and percussion. #Reviewal
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These guys have some very strong lyrics that always move me when I listen. You have a lot of struggle and overcoming in your songs. #inspirator
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don't give up on your dream because if it hasn't worked it continues to persist because what was a dream comes true ✌👌👍
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Elisângela Maria
very good
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Hugo Gabriel
then yes, captain
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Andréia Teixeira Paes Landim
top too 💥
alssndrxh_47💋's avatar
Que nostalgia 🤍✨
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