Tune in Together

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As naveira na rua aglomerou

Atenção das mulheres voltadas a mim

Coração de vagaba se interessou

Hoje eu tô tipo um astronauta andando de nave

Coração das dona bate de acordo com os graves

Vivo viajando no mundo da lua

Grave bate alto e faz tremer o chão da rua

Hoje eu tô tipo um astronauta voando de nave

Um astronauta de nave

Hoje eu to tipo um astronauta, voando de nave

Um astronauta de nave

Pira pira boy pira pira boy

Pira pira boy pira pira boy

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This sound is one of my favorites in the Hip Hop studio, for me it should be considered a rap classic. Do you agree? #PlayNoMeuVinil
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has no way, it's sensational! Everything he does, he fits, he does perfect, he does everything! Amazing artist that Brazil has! #hungria
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TikTok Music Brasil
An internet phenomenon with an innovative style and an originally gringo rhythm, #HungriaHipHop conquered the public with songs that portray the lives of young people, ballads, relationship with money and material achievements. #Curiosity
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passed the imperial
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I loved the infectious dance of the song! The lyrics are also very good. The only thing that bothered me a little was the highs of the voice.
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touched me deeply. The lyrics made me reflect on my own relationships and on the simplicity of life. The instruments conveyed a peace that calmed me
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Man, I was listening to this and laughing at the story when my mom walked into the room and said it looks like you're going to explode laughing so hard
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TikTok Music Brasil
Could you give me some recommendations for songs similar to your favorite style? I'm looking for new songs to add to my playlist. Share your opinion in the comments and let's #Discovering together!
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Astronaut" is a hip hop song with instrumentation that includes electronic beats and synthesizers. The melody features a chorus and rhythmic verse, with changes in the rapper's vocal flow. The song follows the characteristic rap style. #Reviewal
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Whenever I hear silence strikes a unique resemblance, I remember the old days hearing this sound with my partners, times that never come back, right people?
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Ewerton De Andrade S
hand listening with my Kadett GS relegated league and bass playing
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this music does not compare to any other
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Astronaut 🚀🧑🏽‍🚀
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