Tune in Together

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Quando estiver só

Pode chamar que eu vou

Ah com você eu vou

Por qualquer estrada

Nada de chorar

Eu choro por você

Pra ficar com você

Topo qualquer parada

Sou poeira que o vento não levou

Sou caminho que só o amor pisou

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Anjo de Guarda

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Folks, what song is this by Mastruz Com Leite?! I was goosebumps listening to Anjo de Guarda, the lyrics are so beautiful! There's no way not to get excited. And the vocalist's voice is amazing, really. This romantic forró is too good, I'm addicted., Mastruz Com Leite, for this masterpiece!
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top! The footprint of forró with the red letter of Angel of Guard has no equal. When I listen, I feel an inner peace that alone! There's no way to stand still, the pace is contagious and the guys' voice is amazing. It's really worth listening and falling in love like I am.
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this song is a little old but it's still my favorite it brings back very good memories and because we cry but one day goes by. #love
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Willian Oliveira346
too much mass
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Luciano oficial 13
top 💯
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Top ❤️🥰
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Sônia 🌺💗
eita that was good
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too good
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2026 Bolsonaro
eita good memories
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🐾Vilmar Dias🐾
How beautiful that letter!!!!! Today I am all this for a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ that God has placed in my path and from Joseph, much gratitude 🙏 To God!!!! I love you ❤️ girl!!!!
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Vernete Coelho
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Ana maria Gomes947
Too good to remember😍
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Henrique Elder da Si
The weather that covered him was good.
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This one goes back to the past and cries in the present.
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