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Baby, baby, yeah

There's a meeting in my bed, oh

In my bed, oh

There's a meeting in my bed, oh

In my bed, oh

There's a meeting in my bed, oh

My bed, oh

There's a meeting in my bed, oh

In my bed, oh (Yeah, hol' up, uh)

In it for two, that's me and you, that's very simple

Then I removed, okay we through but I ain't finished yet

Can I slide with you? (Yeah)

Spend the night with you? (Yeah)

Just let me write in the ink drippin' from my signature (Oh-oh)

I feel like your body inspire my intentions (Yeah)

You left the squad hangin', it's only time with us (Yeah)

You know I vibe different 'cause you know my mind different

Her eyes sayin' my room, her body sayin' Heaven, on God

Tell me what you want, I go repeat

Tell me what you need, I go deep, deep, yeah

When I fall in love, I go deep, deep

You could cop it all, like it CC, yeah

It look like you need papa

Come get designer and the power (Proper)

Be ready to touch, when I reach it, yeah

A go eat it up, I ain't no vegan, yeah

I make that ting go water

I go make that ting run water

I go make you sing my song

There's a meeting in my bed, oh

In my bed, oh

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What a sound! Unique beat, strong lyrics and unforgettable voice This song has a lot of feeling, it makes me travel to places I've never been and feel inexplicable emotions It's a lot of good vibe!
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Laura Laura
I love her romantic smile when I say "There is a meeting in my bed" 😉😉 #romance #love
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#Rotimi and #wale has done a wonderful magic to us, I am literally addicted to their voice 😍😍😍 #love
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oh this song ☺️
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Francis Warren
When it has been long time since she and I are living in different cities..I used to remind her that we are going to live together so soon by this song💞💞💞 #love #romance
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feels like falling in love on a rainy day 🌧️😍
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"The best song with a relaxed voice! The best rhythm. This song is so nostalgic.... let's see that how many people are connected to this song "
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I love this song
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Willames Jose
top too!!!
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Pq essa música não virou trend no TikTok?
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e muito linda essa música é bom demais ouvir essa música é nota 💯😍😍
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In an interview with Billboard, Rotimi revealed that he wrote "In My Bed" about a woman he was dating at the time. He said the song is about "the feeling of when you're finally with the person that you really want to be with."#BehindtheMusic
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The song features a sample from the hit R&B song "If You Love Me" by Brownstone, which was released in 1994. "In My Bed" became a viral sensation on TikTok, with users creating dance videos to the song that quickly went viral.#BehindtheMusic
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