Tune in Together

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Lembra de mim, na época da escola

Te dava atenção e tu não me dava bola

E agora suas amigas, quer se envolver comigo

Gostou do meu jeitinho e da minha marra de bandido

Oi tá bom, deixa eu te explicar

É que nas antiga tu não queria me dar

O jogo virou, e te se f

Quero suas amigas e quem não te quer sou eu

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Lembra de Mim

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JulianaR's avatar
very good! It's one of those that goes straight to the heart, makes us want to sing along and dance until we fall. The lyrics are deep and the rhythm is immersive, there's no way not to fall for them. Every time I listen, I feel lighter and. It's definitely one of my favorites.
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CarolinaMachado_505's avatar
This song is very lively! It makes me want to dance every time I hear I remember once we danced so much that our feet hurt the next day.
gabiropech's avatar
Hey, this song gives me goosebumps! The dance is super contagious and the lyrics are about moments we've lived or one day we'll live Top too!
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Laura_pereira28's avatar
this track is so fucked up, i can't stop rolling! The beats are heavy and the lyrics are from now, it reminds me of good times
RaquelNunes408's avatar
when he plays Remember Me by Official DJ JR and Mc Leozin has no way, I already start to roll! The beat is contagious and the chorus goes into his head and doesn't come out anymore. I love this song because it makes me forget everything and just want to dance, enjoying the vibe. It's top too!
giovanna.costa's avatar
I didn't like Remember Me very much. I thought the lyrics are kind of and the dance is not very striking. Something is missing that holds my attention to the song
Isabela.Rodrigues's avatar
makes me miss moments that have passed and people who were present in my life. I like the lyrics and melody that bring me a certain and reflection on time and memories.
bluedark655's avatar
the lyrics reminded me of people who have passed through my life and marked me in some way. The dance made me want to dance and bring back good memories.
Felipe_Oliveira's avatar
man, I was listening to Remember Me in the biggest vibe with friends and the neighbor complained about the noise. Result: invitation to the party!
Luana_Ferreira1987's avatar
I liked the dance and lyrics, but found them too. It would be cool if there was more variation in the MC's melody and flow.
sofiaoliveira_br96's avatar
a crane! The beat and the chorus can't get out of my head. I love the combination of rap and the surrounding rhythm. Official DJ JR and Mc Leozin rocked!
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