Tune in Together

Some que ele vem atrás's poster image

Amiga do céu

Meu boy me largou

Parou de seguir

E as fotos da gente apagou

Amiga do céu

Meu clima acabou

Nem quero sair

Ai que raiva que eu tô

Você que entende do assunto

Você que já sofreu muito

Me diz o que fazer

Some, some

Some que ele vem atrás


Bebe, dança

Mostra que 'tá bem demais

Faz charminho

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Some que ele vem atrás

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I've always been a guy who tried to please, and my ex always wanted to fight and stay a few days without seeing each other kkk until one day the one who disappeared was me, that's been 5 years ago, I changed my house number anyway, trust me pow some haha
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TikTok Music
Have you heard the song 'Something He Comes After'? What do you think of the instrumentation? What are the lyrics you like the most? For me, this song takes me to a fun and exciting experience. Share your opinions! #Anitta #MaríliaMendonça #Discovering
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Two wonderful, perched, smart divas! Too bad we don't have Marília anymore, this song is too good!! I love #goodvibe
miltonmacielmilto's avatar
oi. nice. 😂
sofiasantos17879's avatar
pop too good ❤️
Theyllor Souza's avatar
Theyllor Souza
sky apricot 😂
._.eloísa🧸💭's avatar
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Clovis Damião
exceeds bb😎😎
Clovis Damião's avatar
Clovis Damião
if the boy doesn't want to finish anymore and bora for a party adopt another one we won't cry because of macho we are all beautiful man has more in this world people kk😊😊🌹🌹❤❤🥰🥰🤭🤭✌🏻✌🏻
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Clovis Damião
Some that ours comes after 🤣🤣😎😎
crisalves6354's avatar
Anitta and Marília is a cover, now only Anitta and Miley Cyrus are missing
Bibi's avatar
I disappeared and he didn't come after it, now what? KAKAKAKAKA
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She was a great singer 😔
juhbiquinho😚's avatar
Some who come behind
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Tatyana de Souza
Anita macubeira oloko
Tatyana de Souza's avatar
Tatyana de Souza
I don't care about Anita, Maria, if you need it wherever you are, we won't forget you
Tatyana de Souza's avatar
Tatyana de Souza
Maria I am your fa
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Derlandes Henriques
Understand me she will disappear and be gone and when she comes back she will find me in another kkkkkkk
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