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O que os olhos não veem o coração não sente

Eu tenho um jeito de amar bem diferente

O que você não vê é que as outras mentem

Eu 'to dizendo a verdade na tua frente

Veja bem, não é maldade

É que tem tanto homem bonito na cidade

E eu 'to na flor da idade

Melhor se arrepender do que passar vontade

Eu espero que você entenda

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I love to see these gentlemen being homophobic listening in the corner bar and still dan? I walk, not knowing who sings hahaha
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I love Pabllo too much, I'm addicted to this song, but "better to regret it than to feel like it" doesn't mean no kkkk If you regret it for several days is very #worst
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Antonio Hernandez
This rolita is the best! The lyrics are super catchy and the rhythm is pure flavor. I already recommended it to my friends and everyone knows it.
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I remember the Pabllo meme KKKKKKKKKK "And I'm in the flower of the first leg - AAAAAAAAAAA WHAT A FUCK BIXA"
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Man, I was so focused on that song that I didn't even see my mom walk into the room. She caught me dancing like crazy, it was a shame lol.
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Really guys don't get attached to this love that Pablo said kkkkk, I got arrested and I took a couple of horns later kkkkkkk
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about "What's Love"? Do you think dancing dance and challenging lyrics go well? And what is your favorite Pabllo Vittar track? Share your opinion and join the discussion! 💬#Discovering
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Yasmim Ysadora152
very good is music
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There in Portugal this song bombed a lot too. Our diva rocking there too
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Bruninho silva
bacana pabllo viata and nois
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Clessya Regis ❤️
amoooooooo muchooo this song was recorded here near home in Taiaçupeba
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I see, it's not evil!!!😍😍😍
I don't want you to hang on...
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Reni Cruz
best letter 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Natalia Godoy
"It's okay, it's not meanness, there are so many handsome men in town." Guys, where is this city she was in?
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Natalia Godoy
#popfiltr better regret it than feel like it, okay or okay?
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what a scare bixa kkkkk
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