Tune in Together

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Entrei na rua dela com meu carro rebaixado

No meu porta mala escutando forró pesado

Eu logo percebi quando ela olhou pra mim

Dei a volta por cima e chamei ela pra sair

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Tá Rocheda

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when i was younger i promised myself msm i would hate forró forever, until these guys got famous, they're like black race it's impossible to hate, even metalhead likes
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This is a joke, the guys just poured into this song Just no matter where you are, this song is going to be playing #Hit #Trends
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Me showing the gringos what Brazil has to offer: memes barons of the pisadinha sus (yes, even with problems, thanks for helping me several times) landscapes diversity and 1001 more things
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ᴊʜᴏɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴɴ 𝕏's avatar
ᴊʜᴏɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴɴ 𝕏
@ luffy
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Nicoly Londero
I'm in love with this song
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my sister:bah mom this girl just listens to funk! Me at dawn: I entered her street with my car showing!!!!!!!! tá rocheta
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Eita my teenage emo side had gone back to like 3 songs ago, now this song has me back to my normal state again ahhahaha
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TikTok Music
Barões Da Pisadinha were the first artists of the genre to win the "Best Group/Band" award at the Multishow Prize. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
Barões Da Pisadinha use traditional forró instruments, such as the triangle and accordion, as well as synthesizers and electronic drums. The lyrics of the music speak of love and romance, with a simple and easy-to-sing chorus. The melody is based on a lively, dancing rhythm, typical of pisadinha. #alReview
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TikTok Music
What songs do you recommend for those who love Os Barões da Pisadinha? #Discovering
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Barões me descreve super quando diz - no porta-malas tocando um forró pesado - e claro que o forró é Barões da Pisadinha!
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xama papai aí sim em
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eita ano bom tenho tantas lembranças boas com essa música tantas eu era feliz e não sabia...
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Esses caras estouraram! Tomara que o dinheiro não suba pra cabeça e eles permaneçam humildes
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Diego pessanha
vc merece um prêmio
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Breno Amarante
o teclado dominando o mundo HAHA 🎹🎵🎶
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essa é pra muitas Carocheda que tem por aí.
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Anonymous User
minha música aí 🤪🤪
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Luiz Henrique Bar670
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