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So why you so low, low, low

Why can't you see I'm fallin', fallin'

Baby I don't know, know, know

Tell me what's your problem, problem

I always say I'm

Opting for you I don't know what to do

Baby I don't mind

Listen to me and you know what I'm through

I see you like this part

When I go hard on myself

Now I'm ready for love, gonna get it to work

Gotta settle for love, don't know why

And why don't you know, know what I mean

It's just a game, man that you lead

And why you so low, low, low

And tell me where you go, go, go

You want me

'Cause I'm blue a-ba-dee, da-ba-dai

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I'm Blue (Burak Yeter Remix)

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🦋 Nadya Syenno 🦋
shake santuyy
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Every year I will listen to this song ❤️
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Jucy Silva
There's no way to move the body.
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