Tune in Together

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Desculpa o meu tom de voz

É que não estamos a sós

'To falando baixinho pra ninguém sacar minha intenção

Vamos sair daqui

Lugar melhor não vai faltar

Onde eu possa até falar mais alto e você gritar

Eu não 'to de palhaçada, vamo lá pra casa

Bora, que o cafofo hoje é brasa

E nesse tanto de curva, eu me arrisco até na contramão

Deixa eu te apresentar pro meu colchão

Não 'to falando de amor, 'tá doida?

É que a gente combina melhor sem roupa

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Queen Mary!!! My wonderful, this is one of my favorite songs from her, what wonderful people who miss this diva #goodvibe
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here now on the balcony of my house with my earphone listening to marilia, i want nothing else, happy new year to all, i love my Brazil.
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Amesmo faith is something unquestionable and admirable! He believes in what is not visible to the naked eye, is so true and pure that all that remains is to respect.
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Duda 🫶
my queen's sdds 🥺🤧
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TikTok Music
Marília Mendonça is the composer of the song "Amantenão Tem Lar," first issued by herself in 2016 on her DVD "Realidad." The song is considered one of the best known of the country. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
If you like Marília Mendonça, have you heard of Maiara and Maraisa? They also bring a lot of country music and love stories in their lyrics. #Discovering
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Marilia and Gaab, it could only be a success right! This partnership stole my heart 💛
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This msc gives me a feeling of mafia, of banditry at all, with this sort of reggae arrangement, and it wasn't until I went to read the lyrics carefully that I realized that she sings about it! Before I thought that "rom pom pom pom pom, rom pom pom pom pom" was her imitating a car, but it's a weapon...
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TikTok Music
#MaríliaMendonça sings "Intenção" accompanied by a band composed of instruments such as guitar, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, drums and percussion. The lyrics portray a person who wants to resume a relationship and the melody conveys a feeling of melancholy and sadness. #Ectorial Review
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"you can let me not exaggerate, no" hahahahahaha... Marília very figure, pqp...what woman 👸🏼
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there is a partnership that my heart cannot stand...this one, for example... Maria and Gaab...my...two gorgeous in a wonderful msc
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Rihanna is a complete artist! She was the one who decided that she wanted to use a reggae dance with a Caribbean accent on this msc and she was the one who wanted to make the video in which she shoots the guy who, we find out later, had tried to abuse her sexually. She is a curious and courageous singer dms!
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"let me introduce you to my mattress" me talking to the new catioro that mom gave me 🤣🤣🤣
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queen mt sdds 👑🖤
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top too 💥
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this queen's sdds
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Ketlei Britto
I loveoooooo
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Ketlei Britto
#maríliamendonça Amooooo
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pow Marília 🙅🏻‍♀️❤️
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