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Tá de novo com essa pessoa

Não 'to acreditando

Vai fazer papel de trouxa outra vez

Cê não aprende mesmo

Pra você isso é amor

Mas pra ele isso não passa de um plano B

Se não pegar ninguém da lista, liga pra você

Te usa e joga fora

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eternal queen of suffering, eternal Marília, you and our queen will never forget you, those who are true, never forget that..... She will always be on our side ❤
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this was my worst weekend of my life. All weekend my friend came here at home and played us these songs. Now we try to play and we cry because we miss Marília Mendonça
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Overcoming is not so easy! This song by Maríligne will always be one of my favorites. It doesn't matter how much time passes!
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Mn this msc is indefiant because my best friend abandoned me and let's say I like him and he lives in Spain and I live in Brazil I'm deluded msm
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My friend sang this song so much for me kkkkkk afe, sometimes it seems that we like to be a bunch. Thankfully there was Queen Marilia Mendonça to throw this slap in the face #supera
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NOSTALGIA: According to the dictionary, it is a slight feeling of sadness for remembering experiences lived in the past, in addition to homesickness or sadness for something or someone that no longer exists or that we no longer have. I think it defines 😥🕊️🖤
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"Supera" by #MaríliaMendonça was written by her during a difficult time in her life, reflecting on overcoming and personal growth. The song has become an inspiring hymn for many listeners. #Curiosity
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The song "Supera" by #Marília Mendonça uses a combination of instruments, including guitar, keyboard and drums. The lyrics talk about overcoming a past relationship and moving on. The melody is captivating and has a strong chorus. #Reviewal
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What other songs in the style of Marília Mendonça do you recommend? #Discovering
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this is not possible to overcome... Go in peace Marília, I'm sure you'll make the angels smile with your voice and your knack 🖤
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it hurts so much! it will hurt even more that there will be no more hit... more beautiful songs like this... with your voice! rest in peace Marilia.. I am devastated
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All my friends are posting this song, should I be concerned? 🤡🤡
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a braba
that sdds😞😭😭😭😭
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but this one will be hard to overcome
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Exceeds 😭😭😭😭😭🖤🖤🖤
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#ariesemresso my song, I listen straight I just don't follow what she says🥲
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Aline Ribeiro Teixeira da Silva
#horoscoposer Marilia Mendonça undoubtedly was and always will be my best and favorite singer and she doesn't have one, the girl gets excited just by talking and gets chills from remembering the modão of suffering that I heard from her ☹️❤️
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