Tune in Together

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Maybe it's the way you say my name

Maybe it's the way you play your game

But it's so good i've never known anybody like you

But it's so good i've never dreamed of nobody like you

And i've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime

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Miriam Felix
What a nice surprise to find this song! The combination of rhythm and harmony creates such an immersive and magical atmosphere that it makes you feel as if you were in a live concert. Plus, the lyrics have such an inspiring message that fills you with hope and makes you believe in yourself.
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Teresa Cortez
This rolita is an ode to love. The music wraps you in its passion, and the lyrics are like a declaration of feelings. The instrumentation is simply perfect, it makes you believe in the power of love.
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BrunoFerreira.92's avatar
A legend says that the moon and the sun have always been in love with each other. But they never stayed together, because the moon was only born after sunset. Therefore, GOD in his infinite goodness created the eclipse as proof that there is no impossible love in the world.❤️❤️❤️💘
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☆Mari(• • )☆
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favorit song🤍🤍🤍🤍
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and i want to dedicate this message to a girl who doesn't even like me and likes one of my best friends (she knows i like her)
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this song is PERFECT, the melody is so good that sometimes I cry, I always listen to it before going to sleep, the feeling is wonderful
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I would dedicate this song to someone but that person doesn't exist.... But I will dedicate it anyway. I dedicate this song to: Draco Malfoy
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this song is simply the best. it brings me a sense of calm, love, hope and reminds me of everything I've lived and felt
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I'm sorry to hear this song and not think of anyone who is amazing to the point of wanting to be with that person all the time. 🥺🥺🥺
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bro i dedicate this message to my best, who i call "girl of my dreams" not by chance, she is the girl of my dreams, i dreamed about her before i met her, anyway i love you lah <3
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"And I hear that love only comes once in a lifetime, and I'm sure you're that love of mine, because I'm in a dandelion field wishing everyone that you're mine. And I see the happy ones forever in your eyes I feel good when I see you smile"
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my message from watts and my best friend is a snippet of that MSC sksksks mine:i see forever in your eyes..... Her:... I feel okay when i see smile
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I can only think of her every time I listen to this song. It's amazing how a song can describe what I feel so perfectly.
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I can only imagine myself in the woods, sitting and leaning against a tree, holding her hand as I see all the flowers swaying in the wind, seeing her smile at the scene My heart speeds up just imagining. I love this kind of music, they're great for you to lie in bed.
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You thought I was? This one is for lovers: It will work out, you worry ñ. If you socialize like the person you like, be it you msm and everything is fine. If the person ñ gives you a ball, or you keep running after him or you keep in mind that you will meet even more amazing people.
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can't stop listening to this every night I go to bed . Lyrics and vocal are just lit ✨❤️ Lovely Song ❤️❤️❤️
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Julia Owens
this song is so goooooood and now i think im safe becus of this song thank you very much and i hope you all have a good day God bles
kerrie❤️‍🔥's avatar
is someone not have girlfriend/boyfriend but they too thinking about a unknown person while listening to this song and we smile about that only our imagination not real but for sometime we too enjoy that feeling
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I dedicated this song to him and he promised he would love me forever and never leave. I love that we are dnv weirdos and everything I felt for him turned into anger.
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