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Some many mind watching gonna do

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2 Times

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Carlos Sánchez
Her voice is so emotional that she makes you feel every word deeply. Every sentence is charged with feeling and passion, resonating inside you and touching sensitive fibers that move you to the depths of your being #2Times
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Breno Carvalho
This song has such an energetic rhythm that it makes you feel like you're in a live concert, jumping and singing next to the crowd.
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Man, I was listening to this song and I ended up dancing so much that I ended up tripping and falling to the floor. I died of shame, but it was worth it!
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Santiago Salazar
This song is the best! I love the rhythm and the lyrics are pure love I've already put it on repeat and recommended it to all my friends.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of Olivia Taylor's "2 Times" instrumentation? Any particular lyrics that caught your attention? Share your opinion and be part of #DecobrindoMúsica 💭
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Nostalgia 🥹🥹🥹🥰
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Pedro Miguel Campagnaro
This song is pure fire, it makes me want to dance all night and sing at the top of my lungs in the mirror.
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Cassiano Correia
this song is showwwww
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This is a top show of our time who enjoyed it knows
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and a pearl ❤️
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Whenever I'm driving I like this kind of music.
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Andre Schemko Junior
sensational, you can join your friends in that cold weather and have fun...
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Tânia Américo
My body shakes listening to this dance ... What a show 😃
crazy as amuuuuuu
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Moranguin Mansur
What a wonder... this one is from the old ❤❤
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Tânia Américo
This song is electrifying, I dance until I can't take it anymore... Show 👏👏👏👏👏
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