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Quem mandou você roubar o brilho do Sol

E guardar dentro do olhar?

Ah, esse cabelo em forma de caracol

Que eu quero me embaraçar

De hoje em diante, os seus lábios de mel

Só eu quem posso beijar

O teu corpo é como um pedaço do céu

Que eu 'To pronto pra voar

'To te esperando já faz tempo

Tipo assim, a vida inteira

Eu já te amava em pensamento

Juro, não é brincadeira

E quando meu olhar achou o seu

Descobri que valeu te esperar

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Até que enfim (Ao vivo)

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"I looked for you until I thought I was lost" Who has never given so much to someone and left themselves aside? Ferrugem is successful because you can't identify with his songs.
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is one of the best in pagoda today, I think he talks about love very well and every time I listen to his songs I feel a very good feeling #rust
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The heart of the lover over with the songs of Ferrugem. With each song is a stroke of emotion. #suffering
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Bro, listening to this song, I remembered the time I went dancing and ended up falling in the middle of the dance floor I was more famous than the song itself, just laughing!
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TikTok Music Brasil
🎤 What do you think of #Ferrugem's "Até que enfim (Live)"? Do you like dance and instrumentation? What is your favorite lyric? Have you added music to your playlists yet? Share your opinion in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica
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This song is very beautiful, I love you rust 💋
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I love this song
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I love you very much Larissa Auana...
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I found you until whose end!!!
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wyllyans santos
too beautiful 🤩❤️ offer my 😘 God bless
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best Music
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Luiz André Novais
If you like Pagoda, you have to listen to the Pagoda - Essentials playlist. Visit my profile and listen now 🎶
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