Tune in Together

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I wake from my slumber

I wish I could call you up

Miss how you'd put your love on me

Boy you've got my number

Wish I could feel your touch

Wish you could follow up on me

You never know when to chill

Always talk 'bout keep it real

Only 'til you've have your fill

Then you wanna cry ill will

Really thought you knew the deal oh

Oh well I guess that's what happens

When two fools be falling in love

Mixing some pain and some passion

Nothing is ever enough

If you can take my hand

I promise we'll find love again

Love again

Yeah yeah

If you can take my hand

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Mason ye
Man, hearing LOVE AGAIN really takes me back to my high school sweetheart. We broke up years ago and after a long time apart, we reconnected and fell in love all over again. Bittersweet but beautiful. Props to Daniel Caesar and Brandy.
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