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And all i am is a man

I want the world in my hands

I hate the beach but i stand in california

With my toes in the sand

Use the sleeves of my sweater

Let's have an adventure

Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered

Touch my neck and i'll touch yours

You and those little high wasted shorts

Oh she knows what i think about

And what i think about

One love two mouths one love one house

No shirt no blouse just us

You find out

Nothing that i wouldn't wanna tell you about

No cause it's too cold

Hold for you here and now

So let me hold

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Sweater Weather

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Who likes "Sweater Weather" by #TheNeighbourhood? Do you think the instrumentation of the song fits well with its lyrics and theme? Share your opinion in the comments and let's talk about this fabulous #Discovery song!
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Tara BD
Whether you're curled up with a blanket or venturing out into the snow, this song is the perfect soundtrack for the winter season.
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Ana Luísa de Aguiar
Sweater weather is my jam, I always put it on repeat. The lyrics have something that gets me and the music is super chill to relax.
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Feelin' cozy and laid-back with this tune 🍂🎶 #SweaterWeather vibes gettin' me through fall days 🍁 #TheNeighbourhood
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Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood is a perfect blend of indie rock and pop, with catchy lyrics and a great production. The unique vocals of Jesse Rutherford make this song a favorite of mine. 🎶👌
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This song brings me back to the days I spent cuddled up with my first love, in chilly autumn nights. 🍁❤️ Sweater Weather is a beautifully melancholic tune that makes my heart ache with bittersweet memories.
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cuz too cold best moment
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people like my carnival playlist pfv 😭😭 i want premium pfv i beg 😭😭
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{S I L V E R GF' V R S N'S★}
me here in 2022...
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Satoru Gozou
ho ho ho ho ho
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who remembered henry danger? no tik tok
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Random dude 🦟
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The acapella group Pentatonix covered this track for their holiday album "Christmas Is Here!" and I'm not entirely sure this is a Christmas song? #BehindtheMusic
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Jesse Rutherford and Zach Abels were just hanging out and messing around on their guitars when this song came to them. #BehindtheMusic
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✨🎶🎵someone like my comment i love this song and want to come back here dps 🎵🎶✨ 👁️👄👁️💅. this is fuck ❤️
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✨🎶🎵someone like my comment i love this song and want to come back here dps 🎵🎶✨ 👁️👄👁️💅. this is fuck ❤️
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Lucas guimarães
I'm in no condition to get the prize, like it for me to win it prf
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