Tune in Together

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I just wanna stay in the sun where I find

I know it's hard sometimes

Pieces of peace in the sun's piece of mind

I know it's hard sometimes

Yeah I think about the end just way too much

But it's fun to fantasize

All my enemies who wouldn't wish who I was

But it's fun to fantasize

Oh oh I'm falling

So I'm taking my time on my ride

Oh I'm falling

So I'm taking my time on my ride

Taking my time on my ride

I'd die for you that's easy to say

We have a list of people that we would take

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Pedro_Hen.PH's avatar
WHAT A NOSTALGIA!! Whenever I hear this one, it takes me back to the years 2014/2015 when I was little and watched my brother play FIFA and although it seems simple, I was very happy and didn't know. anyway, music without any defects
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JulianaLopeS2's avatar
The good thing about the app is also the subtitle, those who don't speak English can check Google, and others like me who are can only follow it, what an amazing app people ❤❤❤
brunao_santista's avatar
this song makes us dance sing and brings us a lot of feelings even the parrot from here at home sings I only see him ooo kkkk simply perfect!!!
Asih Samsiah's avatar
Asih Samsiah
listen to the song remember 2017 same ex love to sing this song 🤭
Fernanda_deLima_a412's avatar
I loveooooo and mix some rhythm with a little reggae! I always think it brings a very BOA vibe to mscs!! And I'm not even a reggae fan, but I don't know, I just know that I like it like this kkkkk
LuizHenriqueBailefunk's avatar
As? like twenty one pilots JUST MAKE FAZ music man? the quality of the songs is impressive!
rebecca<3's avatar
wow i heard this song from my neighbor he litarally playing this song and im searching this song, and its already found, haha
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Tomsonic's avatar
this song bring in back to my childhood it always give vibes at different level i remember i used to listen it on my tiny keypad phone
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GabrielLima1991's avatar
This song reminds me of a phase of my life that went by but now I'm in another one that is similar kskskskks I love dancing and singing RIDE
GiovannaMello81's avatar
this song awakens my side that I'd like to go out screaming in the street right now, my side that I'd like to say hates certain people right to my face.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the song "Ride" by Twenty One Pilots? Have you heard the drums instrumentation yet? And are the lyrics as captivating as the melody? Share your opinion in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 🎧
Emily🌼's avatar
listen to this song reminds me of all the bad things in life and how I have gotten over them and used them to build up 💗💗💪
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MariaSilva84's avatar
and me aq pq I locked myself in the room, without a doorknob, alone at home, almost without battery and I can't skip the window because the house is all locked
MariaSilva84's avatar
These days me and three other migas combined to select a msc that always reminds us of our role together! And mn, THE THREE of us chose this msc!!! Aaaa it was too much, gtn even cried remembering that time, q sdds!! <3<3<3
marizmich's avatar
when it was bored i listen this song
ChrisHover2's avatar
best song ever for any party night
indira_hanno💗's avatar
This’ song I’m feel relaxed in my life right
paxton399's avatar
Twenty one pilots' best song "IT WAS" "IT IS" "IT WILL BE"
LucianaAlmeida's avatar
NOSTALGIC! I remember when I listened to go to school, I miss you!
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