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Pot-Pourri: Não Vivo Sem Você / Mel Na Minha Boca / Fim de Noite's poster image

Todo dia a mesma coisa

Já não sei o que fazer, eie, eie

Passo a noite acordado oh, oh

Pensando em você

Mesmo estando ao seu lado, oh, oh

Você parece tão distante

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Pot-Pourri: Não Vivo Sem Você / Mel Na Minha Boca / Fim de Noite

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I know few songs by Hugo & Guilherme, but the ones I know I like too much, they sing a lot, wonderful voices, they will still be very well known #sertanejo
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"Your love is not like it used to be," this verse explains a lot about the singer's bad feeling, realizing that his beloved has no feelings for him anymore 😢 #SouRomantico
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Man, while I was listening to this I almost slept on the subway and woke up not understanding anything else
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very beautiful ♥️❤️💃🕺🎼🎶great 😍
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