Tune in Together

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Que historia, hein, cumpadi?

Na noite anterior, outra vez me negou amor

Foi você quem você negou amor

De costas, 'cê virou

Na vontade, 'cê me deixou

Outra vez me negou amor

Procurou e achou

Me flagrou fazendo errado

O que pra mim 'tá certo

Lembra aí quando a gente fez amor, diz então

Que eu ajoelho e te peço perdão

Lembrou não, né?

Então não estressa

E não xinga quem me dá amor

Toda vez que você me nega

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Namorada Reserva

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Nobody should submit to this, sad that sometimes incredible people cannot see their own value and submit to relationships like this because they are led to believe that they don't deserve a #amordevdd
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The music is really good, but finding someone who has thety to sing it in front of the brunette is not that good anymore kkkkkkkkk.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is Hugo & Guilherme's favorite track on their new album? What about "Namorada Reserva (Ao Vivo)," what did you think of the instrumentation and emotion of the lyrics? Share your opinion and be part of #DescobrindoMúsica
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Man, I was listening to this here and laughing so hard, then my mom thought I was crazy! But doing what, there's a humor that is contagious, right?
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my girlfriend reserves friendship
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I went to show this msc to brunette but she didn't like it very much I don't think so kkkk ✌🏽🍺
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