Tune in Together

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Eu sei que sempre estás comigo, Senhor

Também sei que nada acontece sem a Tua vontade

Mas preciso aprender a confiar em Ti

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Todas As Coisas

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💙🦋cristina🦋💙's avatar
👉 everything God writes for our lives, nobody, but nobody erases.... Nothing happens in our lives by chance...👈🙏🙏
marcelonatali187's avatar
beautiful song plays in the soul deeply 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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darenhegie's avatar
God only knows how much I need to change my story. after my mother passed away it seems like everything stopped. how i miss her
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Donizete Oliveira's avatar
Donizete Oliveira
god is faithful
Ronildo Silva's avatar
Ronildo Silva
top d+ this praise master ❤️
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GabrielRodriguesC's avatar
I love to praise the LORD JESUS, who all the land praises the LORD, only He is worthy of praise, happy are those who praise the LORD!
Rafaelfernandes's avatar
Certainly this letter of this praise is the most true in practice, we plant the good so that good things always come in our lives, glory to God, alleluias!!
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jessica_pereira's avatar
I am the alpha and omega if you have a ministry pray for him to grow, Jesus loves lives we have to take the stand of a true citizen of heaven. ame
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camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
this without a doubt is one of the most beautiful praises my ears have ever heard; and I never tire of listening, it speaks deeply to our heart Alleluia Glory to God!!!...
Pedro_Hen.PH's avatar
I know that nothing happens without your will, sir! You are wonderful, you are great, Lord Jesus, may your will always be done!
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Isabela_Rodrigues's avatar
I know you may not even accept it but all things are all things, in the spiritual and physical world. it's not the end yet, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
MarcosP.95's avatar
Even if it looks like there's no way out, know that God will send someone to rescue you ❤️ To God all honor and all glory.
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RaquelNunes408's avatar
I love Fernandinho. This song reminds me of when I used to walk with God. Today I find myself far from God. but everything has a purpose of God. Anyway, thank God just for still breathing💙🙏🥺
DanielFernandes2004's avatar
When I used to go to church with my, I would like to hear this sound in the car, it brings me a sense of peace of mind and I remember my who unfortunately are no longer here.
Carlalmeida.9's avatar
This song was made for my girlfriend kkkkkk I like her and she's my sugarcane partner whenever she goes kkkk It could be 6 pm or 6 am, we have a baby together! 💜
AdrianaFerreira's avatar
the first I'm hearing in this cloudy dawn, to rebuild life in God's permission, thank you my father for everything my lord Jesus Christ 🙏🏾🙌🏾🙇🏾‍♂️❤️
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TikTok Music Brasil
Fernandinho is known for creating classic Christian songs and is considered one of the main representatives of Brazilian gospel. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Fernandinho sings "Todas As" with an instrumental accompaniment based on guitar, keyboard and drums. The lyrics are aimed at praising God and the melody has a simple structure, easy to sing in churches. #Editorial Review
AnaPaulaPastos's avatar
As difficult as things may be at this exact moment in your life, remember All things cooperate for the Good of those who love God! hand everything over to the Lord's hands and he will do the rest for you. God bless you friend 🙏
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TikTok Music Brasil
Ever heard of Rafaela Pinho? She is a gospel singer with an incredible voice and lyrics full of faith. #Discovering
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