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Hey yo big bro you f**g with that

Haaa okay cool good job 1st

That's my f**g brother right there

Ya dig


Ooh huh


Pick it up pick it up pick it up groove

Baby girl watch how you move (What)

I got them vans on my shoes ooh (I do)

I pop a pill and i lose wait

Speed it up (Speed)

Look at them diamonds they eat it up (Eat)

Got me two bitches i eat it up (You what)

I'm thinking of wifing and deleting them (Yeah) ah wait ooh

Pints in call up rocket ooh (Ah what)

My brother plug like a socket ooh

Kick in this door yeah i got it (Yeah)

Open the safe you can't lock it ooh (Ah what)

Sipping that wok yeah i go to the top

Buss on yo b**h like a glock ooh

She like to suck on my clock ooh (Yeah)

I get the money don't stop


Nah i'm saying

Like i i i know you like this beat too

But you a f**g goofy tho (f**g lame ass n**a)

Oh wait ooh

Word around word around word around town (b**h)

I heard this boy was a clown ooh (Was a clown)

Swim in yo b**h once i drown ooh (I do)

Calling my plug for the pound wait

Odd future yeah it's right on my clothes

Bad b**h yeah i watch her do coke (What)

Broke as hell i used to sleep on the floor (Ooh yeah)

I never do it no more ooh (Ah what)

Tellin' you broke it's no joke ooh

I used to kick in that door (Kick in that door)

Wait now i'm selling out them shows

Water on my wrist fendi right on my clothes huh (What)

Hold on lil' mami you tweakin' (Baby you tweakin')

A bad b**h puerto rican (Puerto Rican) huh

Get her off molly she geeking

Call up your friends we'll be set for the weekend


Y'know waht i'm sayin

Like no no no

We can only chill for a weekend

Then you gotta go

Tell your friend too (I'm one of the prettiest motherfuckers you've ever seen)

Ah dexter

Order vlone color orange mango label

Rotary phone (whew) in my old school mercedes

Smoke og grown (whew) when i'm californicating

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PICK IT UP (feat. A$AP Rocky)

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First time hearing Famous Dex,A$AP Rocky and now Im hooked. PICK IT UP is my new favorite song.
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Man, PICK IT UP by A$AP Rocky is my jam! It hits so hard, I feel like I'm unstoppable. It's the perfect hype-up anthem for any occasion! #banger #hiphop
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had me feeling like a boss b*tch, even when I'm just picking up my laundry. Can't help but strut to that beat. #FeelingMyself
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Dex actually had no idea that Rocky was on the song. When he actually received the track from A$AP he played it on his social media live and the world went crazy!! Who else never thought they'd ever see a Dexter and Rocky collab? This is lit #BehindtheMusic
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I remember when my friend put me onto PICK IT UP. Now we both blast it whenever were together.
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Damn, PICK IT UP got me feeling like a boss. Cant help but dance whenever it comes on.
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PICK IT UP makes me wanna hit the gym, hustle harder, & live my best life! Rocky brings the fire, the beat is sick. #motivation
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TikTok Music Latin
How did you like the collaboration of Famous Dex and A$AP Rocky in "PICK IT UP"? Do you think they combined their styles well? If you already have it on your playlist, tell us how long it's been on your playlist, share your opinion! #Discovery
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promethazine, red cup, flexin'
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jack DEEN
Pick it up
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Did you know that this song was actually certified 2x platinum by RIAA in 2019? Well deserved because this beat it godly 🔥 #BehindtheMusic
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activity radin got me out of bed early
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