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I am a man who walks alone

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Fear of the Dark (2015 Remaster)

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THIS MARKED GERAÇOES, mds my cousin played this at lunch on Sunday and I loved it, I was little, today I play for mys kkk #family #generation
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best of childhood and even hj is one of the best. I love it and I can't stop listening to the best in rock. funk hj doesn't have anything.
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The first single from "Fear of the Dark" was "Be Quick or Be Dead," whiched with the fastest tempo from thrash metal bands.
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Wonderful Music
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I think this was one of the first Iron Maiden songs I heard and it was because I NEVER stopped listening to Iron Maiden again! ahahah #rock
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Rock galley from my living room that showed me this song, I just love it too much, my little xodoo this wonder
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I'm completely in love with Iron Maiden, I love watching his shows full of performances I remember the akakka warplane
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this song is part of my childhood with my father and I have a from this song and I love the band and my tbm tbm would love it if he was here with me he would dance horrors cmg, last week I went to a concert hall that the Iron Maiden cover played and I loved
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Fernando Moreno
I finally got to see them a few months ago in #CDMX I went to #ForoSol and spent the whole Iron Maiden concert with my mother.
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Isai Chavez
Take care of the planet I still haven't heard this gem live #IM #ironmaiden.
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Ernesto Fernández
#IronMaiden are music geniuses. I listen to them every day.
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Pietra de Morais
#TriviaTime What are the names of the members of the famous band #IronMaiden?
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Benjamín Fuentes
Sometimes I think #FearOfTheDark gets a little boring halfway through the song. #IronMaiden might re-record this song.
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🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
"Well, I really learned a few things and one of them is that happiness has nothing to do with other people's approval. What's really important is being happy with yourself, finding someone who's important to you, and moving on without calling others to talk about."💞💞
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🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
"I perceive myself in my silence waiting to be discovered so that they understand me and warm my cry; For those who should understand me abandoned me with irony without trusting my abilities; They put me in the breath without giving me their hands to be able to place myself and not fall, but in my crying was born my smiles that did not leave me unable to fight for what I think is right. " 💞💞
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Milena de Avila
I sometimes feel a little strange. A little anxious when it's dark; fear of the dark. I have a constant fear that something's always near; fear of the dark. I have a phobia that someone's always there #IronMaiden #FearOfTheDark
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One of my favorites of #ironmaiden the intro is especially EPIC!!! 🔥🎸🎸
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Marcus Paulo Campeli
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Iron Maiden since childhood.
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One of the best songs
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