Tune in Together

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Prepara que agora é a hora do show

Das poderosas que descem

Rebolam afrontam as fogosas

Só as que incomodam

Expulsam as invejosas que ficam de cara

Quando toca

Prepara se não tá mais a vontade

Sai por onde entrei

Quando começo a dançar

Eu te enlouqueço eu sei

Meu exército é pesado a gente tem poder ameaça

Coisas do tipo você vai

Solta o som que é pra me ver

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AmandaNunesSilva's avatar
For early career Anitta fans, just like me, there's a question: was the song The Powerful Show a watershed in Anitta's career? #diva
_lauraMachado's avatar
I remember this song when I lived in Pernambuco, I'm from there, they put it in the, then the women kept dancing in the, I miss that time
Patricia_Santos's avatar
this song brings me an amazing trajectory from 2015, Anitta always in her albums <3
Emília Bernardo01's avatar
Emília Bernardo01
Renata_Costa's avatar
One day I was dancing this msc at a party (I was 5 years old) so a girl pulled my hair and I pushed her and she cried, well I kept dancing 😼👊
JoaoMendes_82's avatar
When I listen to this song I remember my sister, who made a point of decorating the entire choreography to perform at the family party kkkkk #BrilhandoNoRole
pedro.almeida's avatar
I love this song, when my station wagon people used to play some funk there, I always remembered my childhood. That I always played these songs and thought I was rocking kkk, then I always participated in the crazy parties at the fundão da perua
Aline_Barbosa's avatar
I knew the full choreography along with the girls in my classroom when I was 5 years old kkkkkkkk moment fever kkkkkk love... good times
Rafael_Fernandes's avatar
My God, how long have I not listened to this music. I remember when I was at school in the my friends and I used to sing this music. Greetings.
Pedro Ruiz's avatar
Pedro Ruiz
If you don't like Annita, it's perfect wherever you look for her, it has everything you could want.
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Enzo Barone's avatar
Enzo Barone
I've loved #Anitta forever #Daspotentosas #Love.
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Martin Costa Braga's avatar
Martin Costa Braga
I went to the concert of this play by the powerful Anitta.... I was drooling. Live and she was rocking. Anyone else who has been there? 🥰
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𝙍𝙤𝙢ã𝙤𝙯𝙞𝙣🤙🏻's avatar
no man can resist annita's 😂
Geo's avatar
my god fans a lot time i love this song
thayssilvadeolive76's avatar
I love this song too much
°Let°'s avatar
I remember me and my friends at school at the playground agent used to dance kkkk
ro!♡ (hyun's wife)~。☆.'s avatar
ro!♡ (hyun's wife)~。☆.
Bro I used to dance with my cousins🥺💖💖💖💖
Luísa's avatar
everyone knows about heart
Paulina Pereira's avatar
Paulina Pereira
I love Fank I sing from the singer I'm mc ninha
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